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We are delighted you are visiting our website. We offer a variety of insurance products and services to individuals and families. Whether it’s final expenses (life insurance), individual or family health insurance (under 65), filling the Medicare “gap,” or covering nursing or at-home long term care, one of our licensed professionals can assist you in choosing the right product especially for you.

We also offer health insurance designed for college students, and for others (under 65) who need temporary health insurance coverage.

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Considering doing some foreign travel? Make sure you’re covered in case of a medical or health emergency! These plans are affordable. Click here or on the banner below to learn more.

International Health Insurance


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Explore Medicare Made Clear by UnitedHealthcare®. It contains excellent consumer education materials which explain how Medicare works and the options available to the consumer.

Depending on your income and on your situation, you MAY qualify for “Extra Help with Prescriptions.” We urge you to visit Social Security’s official website to find out more. We also may help direct you to forms you may need.